Good folks. Good food. Good times.

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We’ve got traditional CornBeef Hash and Green Beer- courtesy of Carolina Brewery! Happy St. Patty’s Day!
Remember that beer we brewed with 1323 R&D a few weeks ago? Well here it is, y’all! A NE Style Double IPA, coming in right at 8%abv. We’re calling it Slow and Sexy, and we’re putting it on tonight!!


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What....No dark stout?



As of right now, we’re here! We’ll let you know if anything changes!

UPDATE: We’re going to call it at 10pm tonight. Come out and see us, if you can safely!
We want to give a huge personal shout out to Jared Place Music for coming through for us in a bind last night and playing a killer set. If y’all aren’t following these guys, you need to be! Look forward to seeing them again soon at Real McCoys! We love being your #LocalLiveMusic destination every weekend!


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Thanks! I'm glad we could make it.


We’re kicking up the warm-up question this week- DJ Trivia every Thursday night at 7:00!


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